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Colorado is the "Least Obese" State?

According to the United Health Foundation's 2016 report on America's Health Rankings, Colorado is the "least obese" state.  Approximately 20% of Colorado residents are obese, which means if you have 5 friends, it is likely that one of them is considered obese by today's health standards.  In addition, Colorado ranks number one in terms of cholesterol with 31.5% of the population reporting their physician told them they had high cholesterol.  Although Colorado ranks best in obesity and high cholesterol rates, it is 10th in overall health rankings according to the new report.  Hawaii, which ranks second in terms of obesity is ranked first in overall health.

Being a native Coloradoan, I am happy to know my State has the best rankings in terms obesity and cholesterol, but I am disappointed that "the best" still means more than 1 in 5 people have conditions that can be controlled by changes in their nutrition intake.

If you are curious about what data was used in the study, or would like to compare information for all of the States, here is a link to the report.



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Curious -- is 31.5% of the population reporting high cholesterol better than everyone else in the US?

Paul Webster

Hello KW,
Unfortunately, the answer to your question is "Yes".  According to the data used in the report, Colorado has the lowest percentage of residents reporting that their cholesterol is high.  It is unfortunate that nearly one-third of the population is the "best" number reported among all 50 States.  With some general education and basic changes to people's diets, this number can improve.

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