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Tomato Sushi

Tomato Nigiri Sushi

For the love of sushi... After giving up fish for health and ethical reasons, many sushi lovers don't know where to turn. This tomato sashimi provides the flavors of the ocean and a familiar texture that reminds sushi lovers of fresh ahi tuna or salmon. After all, the sushi is actually the rice; it is the flavor that is paired with the sushi rice that is important. The time it takes to marinate the tomatoes makes it all worthwhile. You have to try this recipe! [More]

Pecan Buckwheat Tart (vegan)

Pecan Tart

Yes, you can make a pecan pie without the use of corn syrup and eggs. The magic is buckwheat cereal and dates! Buckwheat "milk" sweetened with dates thickens perfectly when heated. I highly recommend this recipe for a holiday dessert or a sweet treat any time of year. [More]

Pumpkin Lasagna

Pumpkin Lasagna

Pumpkin lasagna may sound strange to some people, but have you ever had butternut squash ravioli? Lasagna alla zucca, sometimes called lasagna di zucca is a traditional Italian lasagna made from pumpkin or similar squash. If you don't try this recipe during the holiday season this year, you will be missing out on one of the best seasonal dishes you have ever had! [More]