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Vegan Pasta Carbonara

Avocados are a great cholesterol free substitute for the fat in egg yolks, and this recipe may sound strange but it is absolutely delicious! Pasta Carbonara lovers who want to avoid the unhealthy aspects of eggs will love this simple recipe and will not believe how great it tastes. [More]

Oat and Pear Carrot Cake

A healthy and delicious take on carrot cake that you can cook in the microwave in a little more than a minute. Oil free and no refined sugar is needed, this is a wonderful and easy plant based whole food recipe. [More]

Chocolate for Health?

Who doesn’t love chocolate? My favorite combinations are chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and almond, chocolate and raspberries and chocolate with cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Is chocolate healthy, or should it be restricted from your diet? [More]