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Okonomiyaki (Vegan)

Okonomiyaki (Vegan)

Okonomiyaki – What is it? It is “whatever you like”!

The name comes from two Japanese phrases with “Okonomi” meaning “what you like”, and “Yaki” meaning grilled. The dish is basically a cabbage pancake that includes whatever other ingredients you like. In Japan the dish usually includes some type of seafood and strips of pork, but we will replace the seafood with sea vegetables and the pork with mushrooms. [More]

Vegan Mayo (Regular or Japanese Style)

Vegan Mayo

This can be a regular mayonnaise or you can modify it to be similar to a Japanese style vegan mayonnaise substitute. If you want a traditional vegan mayo, leave out the sugar and either the lemon juice or vinegar. The recipe can easily be adapted to change the flavor by adding roasted garlic, fresh tarragon, or other herbs that you enjoy. [More]