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Mushroom Avocado and Sprout Crepes

Mushroom Avocado Sprout Crepes

These are great for a Sunday brunch, but this is also one of my wife's favorite dinners and it is fairly quick to prepare. They can be served with store bought poppy seed dressing or try my recipe for Orange Ginger Chia Dressing.

You will also need the recipe for Egg Free Crepes. [More]

Egg Free Crepes

Egg Free Crepes

What? You can make crepes without eggs? My French culinary instructor would not be happy! Sorry Chef Martial, but I no longer eat eggs :) The basic version is gluten free, but you can mix and match a variety of flours to make these crepes more interesting. Use this recipe for my Mushroom Avocado Sprout Crepes. [More]